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Subject:  Juiced?
Date:  4/6/06, 1:26pm
by Tim Moore
Steroids; It is a big topic in today’s mainstream media, and you already know that… in fact that might just be the root of the problem.

Here is my sad, sad opinion: We need to get things straight in the MLB, either make a complete one-and-done ban on steroids, or just give everyone syringe and let them have a field day.

If the players know that they could come back after 10 games for a first offense, I can see in the near future, just about everyone, excluding pitchers, having at least one offense.

The ONLY way the MLB is going to completely get rid of steroids, if they implement a one-and-done policy. One offense and you are forever banned from the game of baseball.

Major League puts on a mask when it comes to this topic. They want to get rid of steroids, but at the same time, they know that the most exciting, and money-making players were/are on steroids during their time of grandeur.

I think that if players are going to use steroids, they shouldn’t make their transition season so obvious. Look at these stats:

Brady Anderson
1995 145 H – 16 HR
1996 172 H – 50 HR
1997 170 H – 18 HR
Hmm… 1996, steroids? I think so.

Jose Canseco
1997 91H – 23HR
1998 138H – 46HR

…And finally:
Barry Bonds
2000 147H – 49HR
2001 156H – 71HR
Go figure

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To:  Squeeze Play Sports - Baseball Annex Thread
Subject:  Juiced?
Date:  4/7/06, 9:22am
I understand the motivations, but I just hate a one-and-done scenario. Giving SOME players the benefit of the doubt (like a Raffy Palmeiro), what happens if they take a substance that contains a steroid, unknowingly?

Just flat out get kicked out of the league, no questions asked?

We could lose some really valuable players this way. I would hate to have another black mark on the game in a 1919 Black Sox fashion...

Harsh penalties are well and good... but at the expense of the health of the game... I just hesitate to be THIS harsh. I understand that steroids hurt the health of the game, as well... which is why I am not opposed to lifetime bans... only after multiple violations (i.e., 3), though.

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To:  Reedster
Guest11864 (IP:  
Subject:  Re: Juiced?
Date:  4/8/06, 6:28pm
I disagree with the one and done steriod theory. Although i agree that steroid policies have to become more strict. I think that for a first abuse there should be a season ban. A second time and your done. Also, everyone should be tested. Not just the big homerun hitters, but the pitchers too. Think about it, steroids do help for faster recovery.

This brings me to my next topic. Should Barry have the single season home run record? No, because he may have been juicing? But then again, how many pitchers did he hit homeruns off that were also using steroids.

Maybe they should foget about steroid policies, and allow them, like someone replying to this said. It would make the game much more interesting and bring in more fans. Come on, who doesnt want to watch pitchers throwing gas to jacked steriod using power hitters?

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