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Subject:  BaseballGeeks News
Date:  3/13/05, 11:21pm (Last Edited: 3/13/05, 11:22pm)
1) Server switch has been made... I have uploaded all of the files and things should seem pretty normal. If you encounter a problem, let me know.

2) I worked on the blogging system here earlier today. A baseballgeeks baseball blog is entirely free. Try your own out... to get an idea of some of the capabilities (I am still working on it, so comments and suggestions are appreciated), check out my BGEEKS blog at

3) The "category" system in the blogs is not yet fully functional. The last thing to do is to allow blog entry searches by category (i.e., making the categories links, and your blog users will be able to see all blog entries on your blog in that category). I still have to program that (probably tomorrow, after a few court appearances in the morning).

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